Cease The Violence: Is this summer being dubbed as the summer of the gun?

19 Jul

I remember back in 2005 when Toronto had a string of violent gun crimes that all seemed to have all clustered in the summer, the city nicknamed the “summer of gun.”  Ironically while this was occuring, I remember certain songs that ironically came out that describe the epitome of Toronto’ shootings and it’s effects (ie, Damian Marley’ “Welcome To Jamrock” with the infamous “out in the streets, they call it murder” and TOK’s “Footprints”  )  It seemed after that summer that people in Toronto wanted to make a change.

This summer however has not been the case.   It seems like the violence has gotten worse.  In the latest string of shootings comes the high profile Danzil Street shooting Scarborough where over 20 people were injured including a 2 year old.  Two individuals died from the injury:  a 14 year old and a 22 year old, both who had dreams and hopes and inspirations.

Like many Torontonians and others who across the globe and the online media who heard about this a lot of questions started surfacing.  1) Why was a barbeque block party being held on a Monday?  2) Why did it take EMS and the police 30 minutes  to arrive? 3) Why would the gunman be so ignorant to open gunfire in a packed event?  The more questions that surfaced, the more tension that grew and the more finger pointing that resulted.  Angered community members easily pointed fingers at the  police and the government for result of these strings of violence meanwhile political are quick to point the finger back to the community.

Meanwhile the family are left to suffer the pain.

All this finger pointing really needs to stop.  Who is at fault for this?  EVERYONE!!!  The government’s cutback on community services and support to neighborhoods definitely impacts those who live in yet at the same time the government is not suppose to be the mother or father those who in the community who don’t know what is right from what is wrong.

The key to this is EDUCATION.

The lack of education has been the main issue which is needs to be corrected.  We have education cuts to the system which is affecting the youth and afterschool programs, meanwhile you have parents who unfortunately need some education on themselves on how to discipline their children in learning to be a parent to their kid..not their best friend.  This lack of education has stemmed to the point where kids are dropping out of school because they feel that they can make money the quick and easy way…..on the streets.

So while people are blaming each other for their problems the real question they should ask is “how can we educate our youth, and community to further cease the violence?”  Because it is evident that what we are doing today is definitely not working.

RIP to those who’s life was fatally taken away from lack of education.


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