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I see England, I see France, I see that we don’t stand a chance.

2 hours of sleep. Suppose to be my day off but too much on my mind. Watched the sun rise while watching my stormy thoughts set. Your drunk text last night said “fuck me” but really it was screaming “save me.”  You’re running off to see your boyfriend out of town yet your mind keeps running on that time we met in that bedroom.

The thunder and the storm clouds were the punishments I apparently gave while you thought that moon and the stars were gifts you gave. I’m too grown for this shit. Big grown ass men shouldn’t feel this way but you do things that make even a warrior cry.

The only four letter word that is on my mind is LOVE  but you for some reason think that four letter is FUCK. You really don’t know me. I want more than just a fuck or a bubble. I want a connection. I want a true soul mate. I want to be YOUR soul mate not just a substitute lover but when you stared deep into my eyes at the height of your orgasm and screamed out another man’s name I knew it was over.


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