Excerpt from second novel …

06 Oct

Here’s a sneak preview from my second novel :)Hope you enjoy

Dwayne stepped closer. “Belinda, please, put down the gun.”
Belinda’s hands trembled. “Dwayne, stay the fuck away from me! Stay the fuck away from me before I blow your brains out!”
“Belinda,” Natasha said. “You need to calm down.”
Belinda quickly pointed the gun at her. “Shut up bitch! I hate you!!”
Blake eyes widened. “Belinda stop it!”
“No, I hate her!” Belinda cried. “She gets to have a good man by her side and I get some oversized muscle steroid injected freak who doesn’t know how to fucking give me good sex!”
Dwayne felt his ego crushed. “Belinda stop it! You are fucking acting irrational! Put down the gun!”
Belinda swung the gun again at Dwayne. “No I won’t!! You are psycho! Dwayne! You are so psycho that you found me here!! How the hell did you find me here?!”
“Because when I came back home you were not there and I noticed that the computer was on you had it on mapquest. It had this address marked and I did not know what address it was. So I followed it.”
“Bullshit.” Blake said. “You knew where I lived because you sent me those psycho messages.”
“For the last time, I did not send those messages asshole!” Dwayne yelled. “Did you not hear that Belinda said she sent them?”
Natasha slowly eased towards the door.
Belinda noticed and aimed her gun at her. “Where the fuck do you think you are going?”
Natasha froze.
Blake threw his hands up in the air. “Belinda, what are you doing? Do you realize what youa re doing? Do you?!”
“Blake please, no one cares about me, not even you.”
Fustration and guilt filled Blake’s eyes. “So you are doing this for attention?”
“Blake I just needed your support.”
“Belinda, professional help can do that for you.”
“Belinda,” Dwayne instructed. “For the last time, put down the gun. How do you think Troy will feel about this?”
Belinda quickly aimed her gun back at Dwayne. “Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!! You took him away from me remember? You said that I will never have him again!” You stole my child away from me!”
“Belinda I took him away because of what you did!” Dwayne said.
“I hate you!” Belinda said. “I fucking hate you!!”
With one quick move, Dwayne grabbed Belinda’s arm. A shot went off.
Natasha screamed.
Dwayne and Blake quickly charged Belinda and wrestled her to the ground.
“Let me go!!!” Belinda yelled.
Everyone’s hands were on the gun as Dwayne and Blake continued wrestling the gun out of her hand. Another shot went off before Dwayne squeezed Belinda’s arm with enough force that the the gun dropped out of her hand. Dwayne quickly scooped Belinda away and wrestled her to the ground.
Belinda cried.
Blake froze.
And Natasha laid . . . . in a pool of blood.

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