Jamaican Canadian Study on Nurses Published

19 Oct

After months and months of hard work our nursing study is now published!!!! Professor Samuels-Dennis, fellow York student and friend Melanie York, and myself spent months and months working on a study that is now published in a book called: JAMAICA IN THE CANADIAN EXPERIENCE. A MULTICULTURALIZING PRESENCE by Carl E. James and Andrea Davis.

Our study is in Chapter 5 entitled: The Transformational Influences of Jamaican Nurses on the Canadian Health Care System. For those of us who live in Canada, particularly in Ontario, we have seen an influx of immigrants and visible minorities through many work forces but nursing seems particularly for Jamaicans has seen to be more prevalent. Our study not only looks into the past but it also looks in the future and hopefully provides a hindsight of how Jamaicans and other visible minorities can make s positive change and influence to the health care system.

Thanks to Prof Samuels-Dennis and Mel for all the hard and great work particularly between juggling clinical (and my three jobs) at once. Also thanks to all those who help make this study possible. The book is currently available for purchasing. I am so excited about this !! 🙂 ( Now a second book published for me.)

You can view the book here.  It is also available on amazon to order.
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