So you’re in your 30s and still single? Join the club!

25 Oct

Remember when you were in your late teens you had pre-planned your whole life?  You vouched that after graduating you would either move out from home or you would go to either college or your university and then move out once you graduated.  You would either find your own place or shack with your best friends and live the great single life until you eventually found the perfect one.   You then vouched that by your late 20’s to your 30s you would be married, happy and start a family with that big house and the white picket fence.  Everyone would be happy especially you would be happy.

But that dream does not go out as plan.

You are in your late 20s, and have gone in and out of relationships still trying to find that perfect one.  You still vouch that by the  time you hit 30 you would be married or have kids.  Then the big 3-0 hits and then you feel like your life is over. You still think that there is hope but you get discouraged by family who constantly question why you are in your 30s and not married or had any kids yet?  The pressure hits you and then you start forcing yourself into relationships and situations that were not made to be and then you become even more depressed.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2012…where a lot of people who are in their 30s are single or may not have any kids yet.     So why is this the case?  Why aren’t we following that “traditional trend” that by a certain age you have to be married with kids?  After having this discussion with a lot of my friends, a number of themes keep coming up which though some might consider an excuse, play a huge relevant role.

First, the meaning of marriages and relationships these days have simply changed.   Remember back in the day when people got married, they stayed together regardless of the situation?  Heated arguments always were resolved later on and there was always an understanding.  Today people can argue about whom did not replace the toilet paper roll  and boom! A divorce.  People and society today has become angrier, hostile and egotistical that they forget that others exist around them.  It’s human nature that we get upset  when things don’t go our way but the level of exasperation about not having our way has almost shot up the roof.  My parents have been married for 37 years and trust me the amount of fights and arguments I’ve seen them go through they could have easily been divorced 10 times!  But guess what? They knew that eventually they would forgive one another and move on because that was said during the marriage vows:  “To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ’till death do us part.”  Seems like the better for worse part people forgot about.

A second reason why relationships and marriages seem to fail and that a lot of people are now single is that people don’t work to live…they live to work.  Our jobs have constantly taken a toll on most of our lives.  Demanding jobs and pressures sometimes make your social life not existent.  If you want to be a successful employee at work or get that promotion it sometimes it involves working long crazy hours that therefore impede on your social life.  For others, with hard financial times, one might have to work two sometimes three jobs just to make ends meat which makes having a social life difficult because either you don’t have the time or you simply just can’t afford it.

A third reason why there seems to be a lot of relationship issues is simply, people today are egocentric and greedy.  Face it, everybody today is always saying, “I gotta do me, first. I come first, I gotta take care of me.”  Taking care of yourself is one thing but only focusing on yourself and simply ignoring everyone else and shutting out everyone is problematic.  When this attitude of  “I’m too good for anyone” persists it sometimes leaves you pretty by yourself.   This also so called selfish attitude also leads some people to cheat on their partners because it is only their feelings and desires that matter and if their partner can’t satisfy their desires and feelings, they can easily find it someone else who can.

A fourth reason…social media. You are probably wondering how and why would social media play apart?  The Internet is World Wide Web for people to easily connect, especially discreetly.  Apart from social sites such as facebook and twitter to name a few, there are other social websites that allow people to interact with others either publicly or discreetly.  Partners can now spend anonymous time interacting with other people who might fulfill or share the same fantasies that perhaps their partner may not share or like.  I am not blaming the internet on a whole but you have to admit our parents generation did not have the internet and they survived their marriage and with the technology with texting, instant messaging and the internet, one can easily interact others in a discretely way.

Times have changed a lot but with these changes it does not mean that being single is a bad thing.  Those who are still single plan to get married one day and have kids, but they like myself ideally would like to do it with the person who they truly love and are connected with and know that they will not have to worry about filing for a divorce a couple of years later because either you forgot to put down the toilet seat or dirty all the dishes and didn’t clean them up.  Being single should not be a crime or a punishment or something ridiculed.  So what if you are single and over 30? It just means that you have not found that ideal person yet.   And when they come they will.  Age ain’t nothing but a number but being in love and sharing and caring about that true soul mate does.

Dwight aka Medsoulbrother

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