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Tyler Perry Movies: Religion+fiction x fact=confusion

WARNING, FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO WATCH TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION, THIS I WILL BE A PLOT SPOILER SO DON’T READ THIS.) So I ran across and a link on facebook regarding Tyler’s Perry latest film “Temptation.” And though I am not a Tyler Perry fan (I never seen his movies and actually refuse to see them just because I am not a fan of his stuff.)  I had an interest in the link simply because in his movie not only does he deal with subject of infidelity and lust but also sins (to simplify it, boy and girl get together…but girl ends up having an affair with another boy who infected with HIV and in turn infects the girl.)  In conclusion the film basically suggests that temptation can lead to sin (in this case cheating and having an affair leading to getting to HIV.)









Sounds kind of basic huh?


Well this is where I kind of have an issue.  As I read through this particular article, the writer continues to address that this is not the first time Tyler Perry had played the “HIV drama card.”  In the movie “For Colored Girls” which Tyler Perry adapted one the main characters (played by Janet Jackson) gets HIV from her husband who apparently was cheating on her with men.   I can understand the whole drama and “oooohhh”  “awwwwwww”  “Oh no he didn’t!”  “You go girlfriend send his trifling ass to the curb!”  to get the story line going but when you start making this “HIV is sin” theme and mixing in religious innuendos, that’s where I draw the line.   From what I was told most of Tyler Perry’s movies follow some sort of biblical theme or message (sorry I am not a religious person so if that comes of sounding ignorant or uneducated my apologies) but sometimes when you mix up religion with fiction or even facts it can create confusion.  Suggesting that HIV is a sin in my eyes is wrong.  Suggesting that all HIV infected individuals are cheating, trifling gay or bisexual thirst hungry men for one is wrong.  Also suggesting that the only way to have clean life is to be a church going heterosexual married person is also wrong (which I also find contradicting because it is mainly these same “church going” individuals who are the ones who have the most skeletons in their closet.)


Now I think I know why I am not a fan of Tyler Perry’s films.  Though his films do great in sales, some of the hidden religious messages that are in his movies perhaps do not impress me much.





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It’s been 3 months since I’ve blogged something

It’s been 3 months since I blogged anything.

Between Christmas, New Years, work and etc, I fell behind schedule. Besides me being angry at my family for not waking up for Christmas dinner (I missed it and let me tell you I was so upset that I did not speak to them for a full month) and working a lot of hours, I became slack. I’ve also noticed that I tend to do more rants on Facebook and Twitter than I do here simply because people respond and read them more there than here.

Also there was not that much for me to write about it at the time, but now Spring is here so I can start blogging.

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