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My first Book Signing! Word On The Street Toronto Festival

I am writing this at 4:31am on a Tuesday morning after waking up from an exhausting 12 hour shift at the hospital so I apologize for any grammatical errors you might see in this

After over a year of delays and more delays and rescheduling I finally was able to have my book signing at the Word  On The Street festival in Toronto, a free book fair where authors, publishers, distributors globally come to promote literacy in all forms.  This was my first time being at this festival and I must say I had a great time!   I only brought around 35 copies of my first novel “Double Deception” in fears that if I brought too much I might have sold that many.   Well that clearly not the case as my devoted friends and family came to support me and plus other on lookers who were very interested in my novel came to purchase copies.  I had one customer who bought 7 copies of my book!!!!  Wowzers!!!!    By the end of the day I was only left with only 2 which was beyond the amount I had originally thought I would sell.


(Me autographing my book for a reader)


Another great thing about the word on the street festival was the amount of networking I did.  Talking with other writers, publishers, agents, those who are interested in writing but do not know where to start, professional writers, etc I must say was blessing.  I am still going through the amount of business cards and contacts as well .  

What I have learned from this experience is something that will definitely bring forward next year (yes I will be dong this again next year with my other novels.)  the main thing I have learned is to be interactive with potential readers. Talking to them, discussing with them and engaging into conversation makes a big difference and it shows your enthusiasm which will influence them.


double deception



Again thank to all who supported me and thanks to those who I met that day and connected in one way or another.  The literacy world is a great world to be in!



aka Ford D Barrett

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