Hi Ladies!! My name is Bow Wow but I’m really a woman! MTV Catfish “interesting embarrassing Episode

11 Oct

Normally I would not write a blog about reality TV Shows but after watching an episode of Catfish that involved Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin’ (and of course seeing it trending on twitter) I had to put my two centz into this.

For those who are not familiar with the show Catfish, Catfish is a MTV show where two guys help people discover if the individuals they have been talking to online are actually real. In this particular episode, they focus on a young woman name Keyonnah who apparently thought she was having a long distance relationship with rapper Bow Wow. (Yes people BOW WOW.) They apparently exchanged numbers and began communicating with each other via texting. Keyonnah had her doubts initially until “Bow Wow” sends her $10 000 in cash which makes her think he could be real. After investigating, the hosts on MTV and Keyonnah go to a city where “Bow Wow” says he is staying. To the surprise of the hosts, Keyonnah and perhaps everyone who was watching the show, it turns out that “Bow Wow” is a woman named Dee Pimpin. Dee Pimpin confesses her love to Keyonnah (Keyonnah is shocked embarrassed and disgusted all at once) and states that she will give Keyonnah a chance to think it through to see if she would be with her. While Keyonnah is aside in disbelief, Dee Pimpin brags to one of the hosts on how most women can’t tell that she is a woman (she dresses and appears to look very much like man) and even goes into further details about how she tricks women by using a “lambskin dildo” which looks and feel real so women are oblivious. At the end, Keyonnah is upset and goes back home.


My lord, okay I do not know where to begin with this. Let’s start with Keyonnah. I feel sorry for Keyonnah. For one, she made a complete fool of herself. Second, she had doubts but then when “Bow Wow” started sending her money that is when she thought otherwise. Keyonnah should have followed her doubts Now Keyonnah is in complete embarrassment on international TV (not national because MTV is shown in different countries than the U.S). The amount of internet memes, retweets of images from the show and quotes will make her 15 minutes of unwanted fame a complete embarrassment. Always ALWAYS follow your instincts. If you know it was not right then follow it. It’s like old mother nature’s rule.

Now lets get to Dee Pimpin. My main issue with Dee Pimpin is the deception. The fact that you created a facebook page to lure girls into thinking you’re Bow Wow is just wrong. Dee Pimpin further says, “ If Bow Wow can get girls so can I! I like straight girls! I like to see what I can do.” Dee Pimpin, you don’t play games like that on the internet. Just say Keyonnah had a boyfriend or some psycho friend who wanted to kill your ass for doing such a trick? And I am sorry deceiving women with this lambskin dildo just made me laugh. Either these girls are drunk, stupid or high not to know what a real penis looks like. How can they not know you are a woman? What about your breasts?!?! Does this “lambskin dildo” ejaculate?? Does it comes with real hairy balls as well?? And Dee Pimpin, you must have real true friends for you to lending so much money! I guess you were trying to be Robin Hood of some for her, but really, all that deception is wrong.


It is amazing what people will do on the internet these days and how gullible some can be. Take a perfect example of Jimmy Kimmel’s infamous viral video of that girl who twerked and fell on the glass table and who’s pants caught on fire. It became an internet sensation until Jimmy Kimmel revealed on his show that it was a hoax. The other problem with the internet is just like TV it provides a way of people to escape from their reality and either make fun or poke at others or create their own world. The consequences of this are that some people get so caught up with is that they forget to what is real and what is fake.

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