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Ford’s Forbidden Tweets (FOR THE GROWN FOLKS ONLY)

I’ve decided to showcase some of my what I like to call “After Dark” tweets. These are late night tweets I do which focus on love, romance, eroticism. They are explicit but not vulgar, sensual but not degrading. They are spontaneous, random and unapologetic.


I can still smell your scent on my lips, my goatee, hands and mouth. You had me swimming and the warmth of your water falls .

The snow is falling, but you are too busy falling for my words and I keep falling for you trap.

Her lips are telling me yes.. while my hands slip off that dress..but that time is rushing us..should I stay? Should she go? We don’t know

I was swimming upstream through her warm deep waters, caressing her shores, exploring every detail that connected us.

She tenses as he enters her body, her dome, her Queendom, allowing her golden gates to open. There is no inhibition

Ever had a woman so turned by your touch, your words, your motions, your movements that she splashes you with that waterfall?

You let my waves caress those shores… your forbidden shores… sun meets the moon… earth meets the star… passion meets the lust


You got a man, I got a woman. Neither whom are giving us that insatiable fix we give to each other. This is toxic, dangerous, but addicting

I can still taste you on my lips and on my tongue.

It’s amazing how words can induce forbidden thoughts.

I can only show you what my body has been craving for blasting its bullet into the moist depth folds of your flesh, your hidden secret.

Uncontrollable sensations numbs us both as I transcend into the deepness of your warm water.

Pleasure and thickness fills your eager walls while our eyes gaze at each other, searching, digging, discovering this thermal energy

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