Shi Wisdom’s “LVKSPK” Album Review

28 Jun

First of all  I want to say that I am beyond super late reviewing this album. Some might say it might be pointless to review an album that was released two years ago but considering the songs and the music produced by this artist, this album is anything but dated.  Toronto’s own lyrically gifted Shi Wisdom released her 7 track EP “LVSPK” in 2012.  A songwriter, poet and singer, Shi Wisdom imploded local Toronto  airwaves with her lead single “Lovespeak” feat. KJ (which cleverly samples Marlena Shaw’s “You Taught Me How to Speak In Love.”)  She was then featured on Kardinal Offishall’s “Mr. Parker.” which made her a local name in the scene. 


To simply put it, this album talks about love, speaking love, developing love, learning love and maturing with love.  If you can’t handle it, you might need a good lesson in it which Shi Wisdom cleverly explains.   There are a number of gems on this album that easily can stand on it’s own.  Aside from her lead single “Lovespeak” feat. KJ, other   gems include “Easier” “Bed Sheets”  and “Penny” just to name a few. 

What makes this a great album is that one can listen to it  from start to finish, something that a lot of albums tend to lack these days. Furthermore this album comes from Shi’s heart and wisdom (pun not intended.)  As one listens throughout this EP they will notice the different moods felt through Shi Wisdom’s story telling of love. You will be head nodding excessively to “Love speak” and “Take Da  L” one minute, chilling with a slight nod to “Easier”,  and then having that after dark love jones feel to “Bed Sheets” and “Penny”.

Shi Wisdom’s “LVSPK” is not a cookie cutter album.  She does not have to produce or make “bubble gum” music to get her message across.  When she discusses about love she does need to stoop to the levels of others who feel they need to either disrespect others or themselves in order to gain fans, followers and airplay.    Unfortunately it’s great artists like these that are often missed by the music industry and the market because the industry has brainwashed music listeners to listen what they produce, not to what actual music listeners want to listen and desire themselves.  Hopefully Shi Wisdom will “shy” away from all that nonsense and her “wisdom” will overcome  the industry formula.


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