Trinidad Carnival: 5 Things To Know Before You Go Based On My Experience

25 Apr
Trinidad Carnival: 5 Things To Know Before You Go Based On My Experience

Hello people…
First of all I have been completely absent from this blog for well over a year because I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff (when I have time I will post some stuff about it )
I do want to share this excellent blog my friend did about our experience going to Trinidad this year for carnival 2018 . We had an amazing time and reading it made feel depressed about leaving such a great experience !

Check it out !!!!


Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is truly an experience worth splurging on at least once in your lifetime. We didn’t launch our blog until after my epic trip so I’m sharing some highlights from sweet, sweet T&T with you now 🙂 As well as five things you should know if you’re planning on going to Trinidad Carnival 2019.

  1. Playing Mas

In my opinion, you absolutely MUST play mas if you go to Trinidad Carnival. I played with the infamous TRIBE Mas Band and had an amazing experience on the road!

Trinidad Carnival 2018 - *sings* I here with mi friend and dem

Costume Selection: If you want to play mas I recommend that you start researching the various mas bands as early as late Spring/early Summer the year before Carnival season. Yes, I’m talking months in advance people.

Many of the top bands, like TRIBE have committee member’s who have to pre-approve you before…

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