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Life of a Murse Episode 3: The Lady in White.


The last two years of nursing school were not so bad but the workload was still heavy. Perhaps the most anxious thing was writing the CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurse Exam.) I literally had nightmares of failing the exam (likewise with other fellow students.) While in my last year and juggling two jobs I got a sweet summer job at a hospital close to me working as an extern. For better lack of terms, it was being nursing assistant, and I got to be one in the Emergency Department. At that point this is when I knew I would love nursing. As a nursing assistant I was doing so much and helping the staff. In fact, I was doing stuff that I never got to do in my other clinical settings in school but was only taught in lab. I was putting in Foley catheters, doing ECGs, doing vitals signs, and even helping with doing bloodwork (which was so nerve wrecking at first.) As I was in my final year and continued working as a nursing assistant.(I was working three jobs just so I would not have no school debt) I was encouraged by the educator and the charge nurse to apply for a new grad position in the emergency department. Without hesitation I applied, and I was hired.

One of my first ER shifts was when I was with another nurse in the acute area on a nightshift.
Oh boy.
One of my fondest memories was learning how to start IVs. Doing straight blood draws was not an issue as I learned them quite well when I was an extern. The tricky part came when i had to put in an actual IV. The IVs were quite tricky as you had to make sure you applied pressure so the blood would not spewing all over the place like a bloody crime scene. I said to myself.. nope I am gonna do an IV I don’t care.
Again…..Oh boy.
One night I was working along with my preceptor. It was a Friday night so of course we were getting all the drunks coming in. We had one lady who was dressed in complete white who was here for a problem that to be honest with you I could not remember. All I remember was that she was wearing all white. White blouse, white jacket, white pants and white shoes to match.
Maybe there was a white sale at Sears? Maybe I should have told my mom at the time?
Who the heck knows. Anyhow, the distinct thing I remember about this patient was that she had some form of social issues at home that required to be seen by our crisis worker. The doctor had ordered some blood for work and I told my preceptor that I was going to the blood work.
“And you are putting an IV in her.” she chimed as a reminder.
I closed my eyes for a quick second and kept repeating myself. “Don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up. You can do this.. you got this man. You’ve done straight pokes before, you can put an IV, it will be ok.”
Clearly my conscious lied to me.
The patient rolled up her sleeve as I tightened the tourniquet on her arm trying to feel for a vein. I felt a nice fat juicy one right in the centre of her arm. I had all my equipment and blood vials set.
I took a deep breath.
You can do this. You can do this it’s okay you can do this.
Grabbing my 20 gauge IV, I aligned it with her vein and slowly entered. Learning from all the nurses, I would count one to three so the patient would know (for those who had quite apprehensive to needles.)
Immediately I saw blood return to the tip meaning that I had entered the vein.
Great!!! Okay so part 1 was done.. .now I had to remember the rest of the parts. I indistinctly remember to make sure I had placed good pressure over the IV so the blood would not spew out before I attached it to an IV lock.
Ok you are doing good. You got this bro.
The patient then gazed at me with this weird look. “You’re quite good looking you know that?”
I lifted my head surprised by her comment. “Huh??” My fingers immediately released from the IV as I was trying to make sure who she was referring to. I guess you can call me modest but I never considered myself the model GQ type or that attractive so when usually when a woman makes a comment like that either she is intoxicated, high on some kinda of drugs or had a dementia. I forced a smile trying not to be rude but then my eye caught something red on her sleeve.
SHIT!!! I let go of the IV!
I did not even have time to respond as blood started pouring out of her IV like a leaky faucet. The blood started soaking on her white blouse, jacket and her pants.
Fuck my life!
My voice all of a sudden sounded like Grover from Sesame Street. “Uhm, help me here please.” As I turned to my preceptor.
She saw smiled a bit and quickly grabbed a couple of two by twos gauzes. She immediately helped me IV lock the patient but at this point this woman looked like a bloody mess. She look like she was part of a crime scene from criminal minds.
Immediately I began apologizing while we were cleaning up. “I am so sorry about that. ”
Surprisingly the woman did not react or act mad. “It’s ok.”
My preceptor immediately grabbed a patient’s gown and gave it to her to change while we grabbed her white clothes and placed them in a container with hydrogen peroxide.
She turned to me. “And this is why we always tell patients to dress in a gown before they are seen by a doctor.”
I nodded still feeling like shit. “Yeah I got it. ”
“Don’t worry you were okay, you will be a pro at it.”
“But I screwed up. ”
“Trust me, this is so minor compare to other things.”
“Trust me as you work in the ER you will know and you will look back to this and laugh.”
I was not laughing. I just kept thinking how I screwed up.

Later on that week was my actual graduation ceremony. The day I was graduating was such a rewarding time for me. But it was also a time of mixed emotions.
“So, dad are you and mom going to be at my graduation?” I had asked a month ago.
My dad shook his head. “I can’t I am busy.”
“Busy with what?”
“I am going to the racetrack that day for a big race. Sorry.”
“So a bunch of horses galloping around a track is more important than seeing your son cross the graduation stage?”
“I’ve been to your graduation before for your first degree.”
“You really don’t like what I am doing do you?|
My father ignored me and shrugged his shoulders. “All I want to know is what you are going to do after. Do you plan to stay as a nurse are you actually gonna do something better?”
I glared at my father. “I can’t believe this. My father does not want to go my graduation for a degree program that I worked my ass for because it makes him look like a fool in front of his friends.'”
“I am not gonna this discuss with you. ”
“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me! Have respect for your father!!!”
“Well have respect for me dad!! This is my graduation. Not every parent gets to see their child graduate. Not everyone graduates period. This should be a happy time for me and yet you are making it miserable.”
My dad grabbed his jacket as he headed out the door. “I have other plans. You’re mother is going. She will be there to support you.”
I stared at the half opened door as he started the car and drove off.

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Life of a Murse Episode 2: Nursing School (the beginning years)

nursing school

“Remember class, you have your assignment that is due next week, your midterm on Friday and your essay the follow week after that. And don’t forget that online assignment that is worth 15% of your mark due at midnight. No exceptions.”
This was your typical nursing class, but multiply this by four or five of your classes and clearly you had no life.
If anyone says to you that nursing school is easy or if you know any nursing students or nurses who said that nursing school was easy for them, let me be the first out of many people to say this to you:
Nursing school perhaps was one of my most intense programs I have taken but I will say that it was also the one that I was most focused on. From first year straight to your final year, your nights are filled with studying and doing assignments and writing essays, and preparing clinicals. The only thing I was spreading in my bed at nights were the pages of my Nursing Potter and Perry Medical Surgical textbook.
Yes it was that bad.
Perhaps my driving force was that I was paying for this all by myself without the financial assistance of my parents, especially my father who still thought of being a nurse was absurd. What he and others failed to understand was that nursing school was like being in the military. You were up early in the morning for either classes or clinicals, and were at home when it was dark. At times you had to help your fellow comrades who were sinking while you watched others die (well in this case fail or drop out the program) on their own accord. Nursing school also made me realize that were some people who were just not fit to be nurses and should be banned from even touching a blood pressure cuff. I use to call these lost poor souls “Grassclippings”. Why?
Because they literally had an IQ of a grassclipping.
My case in point exhibit A: One day in lab, we were practising on how to insert a foley urinary catheter on a mannequin female patient. One student (who thought she was Miss know-it-all) was eager to go first. As she laid out her equipment she failed to notice that the previous person who had used the mannequin had attached the genitalia upside down (don’t ask) so the anus was on top and the urethra and vagina were at the bottom (you’d think that a nursing student, particularly a FEMALE NURSING STUDENT would have noticed this.) She went on her way and when she tried to insert the foley catheter she immediately noticed it was not going in.
Her face reddened.
Myself and the other students (who were quite aware of what had occurred) decided we would just watch her as she made a fool out of herself.
The instructor stopped her. “Uhm, Jane. Ok, stop. Before we continue can you tell me what is wrong with the mannequin’s anatomy?”
Jane stared at it for a couple of seconds. “Nothing.”
“Are you sure?” The instructor said.
Jane paused before she nodded. “Yeah I think it’s fine.”
Inside my head I felt like pushing Jane across the room. Is Jane that blind of her own anatomy that she can’t tell that it’s upside down on the mannequin?
Frustrated, I put my hand up.
“Yes,” the instructor pointed at me.
“Maybe perhaps Jane is having problems because the anatomy is upside down?”
“BINGO!” the instructor said staring at Jane.
Jane still stood there with the catheter in her hand. “But this is suppose to go in the urethra and the urethra is ALWAYS in that area. ”
The instructor scratched her head. “Yes but honey, look at the anatomy. It is upside down. You need to turn the anatomy right side up.”
Jane shook her head. “Well that is dumb. Who would do that? That is so confusing.”
The instructor though trying to remain calm voiced her frustration which obviously came out insulting. “Well maybe perhaps you need to study your own anatomy first before you start playing with others.”
The other students laughed.
Jane still stood there high and mighty as if we were the idiots.
There were other sad pitiful stories that occurred from just pure stupidity throughout nursing school. One student proudly thought that UTI stood for “University of Toronto Institute” instead of urinary tract infection. One student proudly argued with her clinical instructor that Warfarin, an anticoagulant blood thinner was Tylenol (ironically I never saw her ever again after second year…gee go figure.) One student was so grossed out by the site of a patient’s rather large bowel movement that he threw up on the floor beside the patient’s bed and then try to shift the blame onto the patient when the nurse came in inquiring about the mess on the floor.
Then of course there was the infamous “The Wood” incident in one of my lab classes. There was one student who for the life of god could not comprehend the concept of why it was not a good idea to continue washing a gentleman’s penis while he was erect. Now I would understand that if she was younger and not sexually experienced, but this was a woman was married with two children.
Yes…another unfortunate grassclipping.
The instructor cleared her throat. “So, if that ever happens to you class, you simply stop what you are doing, cover him up and tell him you will be back later.”
“So why can’t you just keep washing him ?” asked the married mother of two nursing student.
I was standing beside my friend Melanie and we both gave each other a look.
“Is she for real?” she asked.
I lowered my head down shaking in shame.
The instructor attempted to answer her without insulting her. “Well honey, because that will get him more excited.”
“Oh okay, ” the mother said. “But can’t he just not get himself excited and tell you no? I mean I don’t get it, if he needs to be clean he needs to be clean. I don’t see why you can’t continue washing it. ”
I bit my tongue.
The instructor’s face got slight annoyed. “Honey, if you continue cleaning him you will end up with more of a mess.”
“How? he is getting clean. What more of a mess can he make?”
Melanie gave me the “Pray for her father Jesus” look. I was too busy giving the mother of two that “But you are married with two children?!! Are you that sheltered?!” look.
The instructor, running out of life lines, simply decided to ignore her.
It took a full 5 minutes before the mother of two said “OH I GET IT NOW” when were discussing on wound care dressings.
Jesus take the wheel.

I was in my room studying when my dad opened the door.
I shot him a look. “Yes?”
“Can I talk to you?”
“Go ahead.”
“Listen, I wanted to talk to you about your schooling.”
I rolled my eyes. “What?”
“I just wanted to know what your next path is going to be ? How long is this going to take you?”
“Dad you keep asking me the same questions and I keep giving you the same answers. It is not gonna change.”
My dad remained silent.
“Listen, I know what I am doing and quite frankly I like it. ”
“Is that right?”
“Yes, that is right. My god dad will stop being closed minded?”
My dad turned around shook his left as he went to the door. “I still think you should be a doctor. You are more smarter to be a nurse.” He closed the door.
I stared at my bedroom door with mixed emotions, the silence deafening my concentration.

——-Stay tuned for Episode 3: nursing school.. the final years—

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Life of a Murse: Episode 1: Before Nursing School

I never thought that I would be a nurse. Moreover, I never thought I would enjoy being nurse. Without making this sound like an E-Harmony ad, let me just give you the basics. I am a 36 year old guy born in Toronto to Jamaican parents. I grew up in a suburb city called Mississauga (home of the longest running mayor Hazel Mccallion) as an only child which at times I hated but as I grew up,I realized being an only child was not so bad.
I always wanted to be a doctor. The idea of helping those were sick and curing them with medicine always enticed me as kid. While growing up, I would frantically always tell my parents and other family members that I wanted to become a doctor. I use to always read up on medical health books and even at one point (out of boredom) decided to make my own hand written health anatomy book when I was 11 (I never made it past page 3 though.) Throughout high school and even university I aimed to study and become that doctor that everyone including myself wanted to be. I took the necessary classes, achieved the grades necessary to enter university and stayed out of trouble.


Then reality hit in.
University though was great became more of a huge academically political expense. After being accepted to York University’s Kinesiology program I got bombarded with changes. By the end of my second year, York University went on a 5 month strike that made everyone’s academic year a living hell. At this point, I was fed up and just wanted to work so I took a year off before I went back to finish my degree. Apparently I picked the “wrong time” to take off because when I returned, they had restructured the kinesiology program making some of my previous courses not acceptable. Pissed off and frustrated, I switched majors and completed my degree in Psychology instead which took another two years to complete. Throughout my 20s I worked as a pharmacy technician for a major chain drug store; Shoppers Drug Mart as well I working at other jobs. Still determine to become a doctor, I decided to write the MCAT exam but I did not prepare for it. Instead I thought I would take it as a “practice exam” so I can gain more experience in writing the next one.
That was a complete waste of money and time. (what the hell was I thinking?!!?)
For starters, I did not take organic chemistry and physics throughout university in fear of flunking and lowering my GPA (as I saw it did with other students and friends.) Therefore, I thought I would be “smart” and self teach organic chemistry. It was very challenging. After writing the MCAT exam I knew that I was not ready but I was still determined. I still continued working as a pharmacy technician while working at other health related jobs after I graduated. Still feeling the desire to go to medical school, I decided to do another degree at the University of Toronto by getting into their Bioethics program which in hopes to get into medical school.
Again, another waste of time.
The majority of courses I had to take where philosophy courses which did not excite, or motivate me. Furthermore I found it confusing and perplexing as hell. So again I dropped out and went back to working. As I got closer to my thirties I realized that I needed to change careers and that the money that I was currently making would not be enough to suffice for my future.
And this is where nursing was born.
While at work one day during my day job (I was working two to three jobs at one point just to pay the bills and survive) I was looking at different careers. I became vastly interested in becoming a nursing anaesthesia assistant. It seemed cool, rewarding, and the pay was actually great. The only issue was that the job was not that popular in Canada but I didn’t care, I thought it would be a great job for me to do and being my stubborn self, I was determined. While researching into this career I discovered there were two ways to get into this career: Either by becoming a RT (respiratory therapist)or by becoming an RN (registered nurse). Without hesitation, I immediately applied to the RT program at a local college in my area. I got accepted but got put on a waiting list because so many people had applied which meant I would not start until the following year meaning yet another year wasted.
I was tired of wasting my time.
The other option: nursing. Now I will admit I thought the idea was stupid. Like come on, I am a 6’0, 230lbs guy who looks more like he should work for security than be a nurse! Why would I become a nurse? I mean nurses just change diapers and feed old people right?
“Stop being a male chauvinistic fool!” one pharmacist told me one night while I was at work asking her this same question.
“I am not.”
“Yes you are!!! There are a lot of male nurses out there. And no, being a male nurse does not mean you are gay either. Just stop your stupidity and apply. You will make a great nurse. You have great people skills. Trust me!”
“People skills? Nurses just do orders by doctors, I don’t think there will be that much people skills involved.”
“You are being a fool again. People skills are important. Trust me. When visiting loved ones in the hospital, the nurses who had great bedside manners were the ones I remembered. You my friend are a people person. I also know a number of male nurses as well who are doing great for themselves. Just stop your whining and apply.”
I shrugged my shoulders as I continued counting the lorazepam pills for our inpatient regular customer who sat nervous and anxious in the waiting room. “Yeah I guess you are right. I will look into the application.”
The pharmacist smile. “Great, now hurry up with those pills, Mr. Jackson is giving us that ‘eye'”.
I laughed.

My father dropped his fork. “Nursing? Why do you want do you want to nursing?”
I got up from the kitchen table and grabbed a drink from the fridge. “Because like I said, it will help me get into the career path I want.”
“So you don’t want to be a doctor anymore?” My mother asked inquisitively.
“Mom, by the time I apply to medical school get accepted and go through all the schooling, I will be in my 40s. I don’t have the time or expense for that.”
“I still think you should be a doctor.” My father interrupted.
“Why? Because you told everyone else in our family and friends that I already am?”
“Being a nurse is not professional career. It’s not a real job.”
I rolled my eyes. “I am going to my room. ”
“Well whatever I do I will support you.” My mother said.
I forced a smile. ‘Thanks mom..” I looked past my father as I went to my room.

……………..stay tuned for Episode 2: Nursing School..The Battle Camp!

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Shi Wisdom’s “LVKSPK” Album Review

First of all  I want to say that I am beyond super late reviewing this album. Some might say it might be pointless to review an album that was released two years ago but considering the songs and the music produced by this artist, this album is anything but dated.  Toronto’s own lyrically gifted Shi Wisdom released her 7 track EP “LVSPK” in 2012.  A songwriter, poet and singer, Shi Wisdom imploded local Toronto  airwaves with her lead single “Lovespeak” feat. KJ (which cleverly samples Marlena Shaw’s “You Taught Me How to Speak In Love.”)  She was then featured on Kardinal Offishall’s “Mr. Parker.” which made her a local name in the scene. 


To simply put it, this album talks about love, speaking love, developing love, learning love and maturing with love.  If you can’t handle it, you might need a good lesson in it which Shi Wisdom cleverly explains.   There are a number of gems on this album that easily can stand on it’s own.  Aside from her lead single “Lovespeak” feat. KJ, other   gems include “Easier” “Bed Sheets”  and “Penny” just to name a few. 

What makes this a great album is that one can listen to it  from start to finish, something that a lot of albums tend to lack these days. Furthermore this album comes from Shi’s heart and wisdom (pun not intended.)  As one listens throughout this EP they will notice the different moods felt through Shi Wisdom’s story telling of love. You will be head nodding excessively to “Love speak” and “Take Da  L” one minute, chilling with a slight nod to “Easier”,  and then having that after dark love jones feel to “Bed Sheets” and “Penny”.

Shi Wisdom’s “LVSPK” is not a cookie cutter album.  She does not have to produce or make “bubble gum” music to get her message across.  When she discusses about love she does need to stoop to the levels of others who feel they need to either disrespect others or themselves in order to gain fans, followers and airplay.    Unfortunately it’s great artists like these that are often missed by the music industry and the market because the industry has brainwashed music listeners to listen what they produce, not to what actual music listeners want to listen and desire themselves.  Hopefully Shi Wisdom will “shy” away from all that nonsense and her “wisdom” will overcome  the industry formula.


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So It’s been a while

Yeah so it’s been a while since I have blogged something or anything for that matter. Mainly because my life has just gotten really busy the past couple of months. Literally my schedule is get up, eat, go to work, go to the gym in between and sleep.

So what’s been happening?

First, my second novel hopefully should be out by the end of this year. I had intentions of doing the word on the street book festival again this year, but I do not know if my second novel will be out in time for that. Regardless, I will keep my readers up to date with that.

Second, I finally hopped on the bandwagon and joined instagram. My IG is @medsoulbrother. I originally joined this so I can help promote my book and writing but clearly as you will see in my pics, they all centre on humorous things about being a nurse, and just life in general.

Thirdly, I have meaning to do this for LONG LONG LONG TIME (and I will post my next blog about this) but if any of you have not checked out Toronto’s talented artist Shi Wisdom, YOU NEED TO! This woman not only tantalizes her listeners with her emotional voice but her deep lyrics penetrate your mind and soul. I had the opportunity of listening to her album LVPSK and trust me people, this was one is a keeper. Again I will do my next blog on an album review on her.


Fourthly, another female artist who has been on constant replay on my mp3 player who is also from Toronto is the heart chilling soothing Rochelle Jordan aka ROJO. When listening to her, you will instantly be reminded of Aaliyah though Rochelle Jordan is woman of her own talent and strength. Again I need to do an album review on her.


Lastly, whenever I have time, I wanted to write a little blog about latest feelings and experience as working as ER Nurse mainly because I have had people ask me how is it being a nurse in general. Again when I have time to breathe (LOL) I will try to write a blog about it.

Stay tuned!!!!

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My first Book Signing! Word On The Street Toronto Festival

I am writing this at 4:31am on a Tuesday morning after waking up from an exhausting 12 hour shift at the hospital so I apologize for any grammatical errors you might see in this

After over a year of delays and more delays and rescheduling I finally was able to have my book signing at the Word  On The Street festival in Toronto, a free book fair where authors, publishers, distributors globally come to promote literacy in all forms.  This was my first time being at this festival and I must say I had a great time!   I only brought around 35 copies of my first novel “Double Deception” in fears that if I brought too much I might have sold that many.   Well that clearly not the case as my devoted friends and family came to support me and plus other on lookers who were very interested in my novel came to purchase copies.  I had one customer who bought 7 copies of my book!!!!  Wowzers!!!!    By the end of the day I was only left with only 2 which was beyond the amount I had originally thought I would sell.


(Me autographing my book for a reader)


Another great thing about the word on the street festival was the amount of networking I did.  Talking with other writers, publishers, agents, those who are interested in writing but do not know where to start, professional writers, etc I must say was blessing.  I am still going through the amount of business cards and contacts as well .  

What I have learned from this experience is something that will definitely bring forward next year (yes I will be dong this again next year with my other novels.)  the main thing I have learned is to be interactive with potential readers. Talking to them, discussing with them and engaging into conversation makes a big difference and it shows your enthusiasm which will influence them.


double deception



Again thank to all who supported me and thanks to those who I met that day and connected in one way or another.  The literacy world is a great world to be in!



aka Ford D Barrett

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Rob Ford Is Not The Issue: City Hall is the Issue

I promised myself that I would not write a blog about the latest Rob Ford drug allegation issues but it seems like everyday the media keeps bombarding us with more information and accusations while a majority of city hall just shakes their head to the city of Toronto  with the “I told you so” attitude.

Yes I will admit that Rob Ford has been a centre of a lot of jokes, to the point where clips and pictures of him have been featured on Jimmy Kimmel and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and across globally. Yes he is been caught driving with a cell phone, yes he gave someone the finger, and yes he was almost kicked out of city hall as mayor (again because over half of city hall does not like him.)

And now we have these latest accusations of Rob Ford using “crack cocaine” which images of him and a young black youth who died apparently this year from gun violence and another man posing up in a picture.  And of course there is this “video” of him actually using a crack pipe that only a couple of Toronto Star writers have seen.


As a Torontonian many of you are asking “My gosh you should be embarrassed by what your mayor has done right?”

Actually, “No.”

It’s not Rob Ford that I am so much embarrassed about.  It’s city hall and the councilors that I am embarrassed about and here is why:

For those of you who follow Toronto politics, there has been a love hate war with Rob Ford since he was elected as mayor.  There have been many councilors who have voiced their opinions on how incompetent Rob Ford is as a mayor and quite frankly want him out (keep in my mind it was the city who voted him NOT city councilors.) Part of the problem why a number of city councilors dislike Rob Ford is because of all the cutbacks and savings he has attempted which a number of them opposed.  Now this might sound like your typical political mambo jumbo but city hall has gone so far fetch to not only make Rob Ford look like a fool (which they have successfully done) but also to try to throw allegations to get him out of office which almost worked this year (I will not bore you with the details but you can Google all the information for yourself.)

Now here is my issue, city hall and their councilors have spent so much energy defaming Rob Ford, digging up all these accusations to try to get him out of power.  City hall should stop WASTING OUR TIME TRYING TO GET RID OF ROB FORD AND FOCUS ON REAL ISSUES.  You’re concerned about drug issues? Well instead of focusing on Rob Ford and his supposed drug issues, why not focused on the neighborhoods that are infected by drugs and violence and help build resources to control that?  Focused on his supposed illegal activities?  Why not focus on the illegal activities that affect communities across Toronto.  City Hall, your job is to help Torontonians and help run our city, not waste tax payers dollars and time making a mockery of the mayor because you do not like them.  What is this? Degrassi High the political generation?  The citizens of Toronto voted for Rob Ford, not you.    Our tax paying dollars should be used to help reconstruct the city and help to tackle the real issues that affect our citizens in the city.

Now do I believe Rob Ford actually smoked the crack pipe?  Well I have not seen the video so I cannot comment (however I really can’t see a 275lb chubby white guy “chilling” with a supposed “Somalian Gangster Crew”) but so what if Rob Ford smoked a crack pipe?? What he does in his private life (which obviously was suppose to be private) is his business.  Everyone at some degree has some skeletons in their closet and I am sure many in city hall have probably worse skeletons.




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